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December 19, 2015


by Leslie John



Leslie M. John

“Bring me out of prison, that I may give thanks to your name! The righteous will surround me, for you will deal bountifully with me”. (Psalm 142:7, ESV)

As was David’s on God always in desperate situations so was his dependence on God when he was when king Saul was pursuing him to kill him.  David hid in cave of Adullam or was in the cave of Engedi, when he wrote Psalm 142.

David was returning after slaughtering Philistines when the women sang song in praise of David saying while Saul killed thousands David killed ten thousands. Saul was envied David over the praise he received from women in addition to the fact that God chose him to be the king over Israel.

“And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands”. (1 Samuel 18:7-9)

Samuel anointed David according to the word of the LORD and from then onward the Spirit of the LORD came mightily upon him. However, it took quite a great deal of time for him to commence reigning over Israel. The timing of his taking reigns was according to God’s will. In the meanwhile Saul conspired against David and he ventured pursuing after him to kill him. (Ref. 1 Samuel 16:3; 2 Samuel 2:4).

It was from the time when Saul defied the authority given only to the priests to offer sacrifices and oblation before the LORD, and offered burnt offerings to the LORD, when Samuel delayed to come over to him as agreed upon that he may offer the sacrifice. Also, Saul disobeyed God and did not destroy his enemies, thus incurring the wrath of God. It grieved the LORD very much for making him a King.

Very soon Evil came upon Saul and the LORD abandoned him from showing grace anymore. Saul requested that evil spirit may depart from him and at his request David played harp before Saul and evil spirit left him.

While David was in the cave to escape from the wrath of Saul, he passionately sought God’s help. David had opportunity to kill Saul before he became king; but he desisted from doing so, because he realized the Saul was an anointed one of the Lord. It was because of Saul’s negligence to honor God and disobedience of God’s word that he was denounced by the LORD as king.

In his prayer David says in Psalm 16:8 that he set Jehovah always before him and will not lose peace because the LORD was at his right hand. He said in Psalm 62:8 to the people to trust in the LORD at all times and to pour out their hearts before the LORD because he is a refuge for us. He said in Psalm 110:5 that the LORD is at our right hand and will strike through kings in the day of his wrath.

In circumstances when he was in great troubles, fleeing from his enemy, David’s spirit was overburdened with in himself and, therefore, he sought God’s help. He acknowledged that the LORD knew his enemies who laid snare for him.

He pleads to the LORD to look at his right hand and peruse it that there is no blood on it. He, who always had courage and said that the LORD was his refuge now for-a-while in his human weakness, thinks that there is no refuge for him to lay himself safely. He thought no man cared for his soul because of constant pursuing by Saul.

David pleads with God and cries to Him to answer his prayer. He seeks answer from God because his spirit within him was disquieted. He prays that he may be delivered from his persecutors, who, he thinks are stronger than himself.

David depended on Jehovah for help in times of troubles and trusted in Him and acknowledged that He was His God. (Ref. Psalm 31:14)

“In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God? (Psalms 62:7)

When he was in trouble his spirit was at low ebb and seems to be losing his own power to overcome his enemies in the LORD. However, he quickly regains his confidence and seeks God’s intervention to help him. He trusts that because God dealt with him bountifully righteous will be around him

He feels as if he was in prison, and therefore, seeks God to bring out his soul from it in order that he may give thanks unto His name.

At the end of the Psalm, however, he expresses his confidence in one thing that the righteous will be around him because the LORD will deal with him bountifully.

“I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me. O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me” (Psalms 30:1-2)

“Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near” (Isaiah 55:6)

“Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?” (Matthew 6:30)

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