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July 25, 2016


by Leslie John


This book is a quite big with fifty one chapters and not to be confused with Old Testament Canonical Book Ecclesiastes.   It was originally called “Sirach” or “The wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach”. Author Joshua Ben Sirach wrote this book in Hebrew, which was translated into Greek by his grandson. The text does not contain inspired text but contains common life discourses about religious faith and life. As Martin Luther said, this book is good for reading, but not worth including in the Bible. The proverbs and sayings in this book had good quality poetry.

Some Interesting verses from Ecclesiasticus Chapter 49 [2]

“12 So was Jesus the son of Josedec: who in their time builded the house, and set up an holy temple to the Lord, which was prepared for everlasting glory. 13 And among the elect was Neemias, whose renown is great, who raised up for us the walls that were fallen, and set up the gates and the bars, and raised up our ruins again. 14 But upon the earth was no man created like Enoch; for he was taken from the earth. 15 Neither was there a young man born like Joseph, a governor of his brethren, a stay of the people, whose bones were regarded of the Lord. 16 Sem and Seth were in great honour among men, and so was Adam above every living thing in creation”.


[1] “THE OFFICIAL KINGS JAMES BIBLE ONLINE” Ecclesiasticus, n.d. Web[08 May, 2015]

[2] [– King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition]

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